Power monitor

Power monitor

Power monitor

Waybler Flex Power Meter

Waybler Flex Power Meter helps you avoid costly investments in extended service and reduces the load during power peaks, when electricity is most expensive.

The Waybler Flex Power Meter analyzes and visualizes the power consumption of the entire property, as well as the power consumption in the different parts of the property. Based on this information, you will find know:

  • How much of the property’s available power is utilized
  • Whether the phases are unevenly loaded
  • Whether your property has the right level of fusing

Place the connected power meter at suitable measuring points in the property to get real-time measurement value analyzes in the Waybler portal. Together with the Waybler Flex Power service

Optimiser you can control the charging of electric vehicles against the property’s other electricity consumers or fixed power limits.

This means that the property’s available power is utilized optimally at all times.