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Next Pole Pedestal
E-number: 27 006 07

Next Pole Pedestal
E-number: 27 006 07 2700607

Next Green Pedestal Next Pole is a square-designed pedestal for charging boxes intended for ground mounting. Next Pole is intended for laying electrical cable inside the pedestal. Large service hatch for easy installation. Next Pole is made of steel and is powder-coated for highest quality. Next Pole is suitable for several charging box models and is supplemented with two mounting plates.

See the table on mounting plates above. One mounting plate per side is required. A hatch cover is required when fitting only 1 charge box.

Next Pole is easy to assemble with plenty of space inside. Special mounting plates simplify assembly.

During installation, Next Pole is placed on ground foundations. Next Pole can be mounted on a traditional concrete or plastic foundation together with Next Green adapter plate GP60-160 Combo (E number 27 000 69) or Next Green adapter plate GP108-160 Combo (E number 27 006 87). Next Pole can also be equipped with DIN rails using accessories such as DIN mounting box (E number 27 006 61)

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Prepared for DIN-rail accessory for RCBO or RCCB inside the pedestal

Next Green Pedestal Next Pole is prepared with DIN-rail for for 2×4 RCBO or RCCB modules inside the pedelstal with accessory DIN mounting box (E-number 27 006 61)

Next Pole Pedestal

E-Number: 27 006 07
Designation: Next Pole Pedestal

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  • Charge Amps Aura E-no: 27 006 53
  • Charge Amps Dawn E-no: 27 006 54
  • DEFA Power E-no: 27 006 55
  • Garo Entity E-no: 27 006 56
  • Phasebox One E-no: 27 006 57
  • Schneider EVlink E-no: 27 006 58
  • Zaptec Pro E-no: 27 006 59
  • Hatch cover without hole pattern
    E-no: 27 006 60

Ordered under a separate E number.
Two mounting plates are required. A hatch cover is required when fitting only 1 charge box.

  • Square design pedestal 120*120 mm
  • Laser-cut mounting plates for selected charging boxes. These are ordered under a separate E number. See the list below.
  • For mounting on foundation with adapter plate
  • For mounting on cast foundation
  • Hole pattern for CC-160 mm baseplate
  • Robust steel structure
  • Large, recessed service hatch
  • Powder-coated, can be supplied in different colours. Contact Next Green for more information.


Powder-coated 3 mm steel profile tube


Graphite grey


Weight 17 kg
Height 1470 mm
Width 120 mm (baseplate 200 mm)
Depth 120 mm (baseplate 200 mm)

Dimensions packaging

Weight 18 kg
Height 1550 mm
Width 200 mm
Depth 200 mm

DIN mounting box

E-number: 27 006 61
Designation: DIN mounting box

Daytona T2

E-Number: 24 803 56
S-No: 35 063 00
Product name: Cable holder Daytona T2

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Ground bracket GP60-160 Combo

E-number: 27 002 96
Designation: Markfäste GP60-160 Combo

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Ground bracket GP 108-160 Combo

E-number: 27 006 87
Designation: Markfäste GP108-160 Combo

GP60 Foundation

E-number: 27 000 71
Designation: Fundament GP 60

GP108 Foundation

Item number: 24120001
Designation: Fundament GP 108

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Screw set M16

E-number: 27 006 84
Designation: Screw set M16
For installation of Ground Bracket GP60-160 Combo and Next Pole baseplate