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Pedestal Dynamic

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NEXT GREEN Piedestal Dynamic

Pedestal Dynamic E-number: 27 004 88

Pedestal Dynamic E-number: 2700488

Next Green Piedestal Dynamic is designed to mount the Waybler Dynamic charging box on screw foundations. It is based on the double flange FL13. The bottom plate with the size 200×200 mm is provided with 13 mm holes CC-160 mm. Pedestal Dynamic is powder coated for the Nordic climate.

Pedestal Dynamic

E-number: 27 004 88
Product name: Pedestal Dynamic

Produkct shee



  • Adapted for Waybler Dynamic charging box
  • Double flange FL13
  • Mounted on stud bolts CC-160 mm
  • Robust construction in powder-coated steel
  • The bottom plate is double bent for better water drainage


Steel, Powder coated




Weight 8,6 kg
Height 962 mm
Width 80 mm
Depth 80 mm

Dimensioner GP60

Vikt 3,5 kg
Höjd 519 mm
Bredd 268 mm
Djup 268 mm

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