Daytona T2

Daytona T2

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EV-charger cable holder

E-number: 24 803 56
S-No: 35 063 00

E-number: 24 803 56 2480356
S-No: 35 063 00 3506300

Next Green Daytona T2 is a handy and tidy holder for your EV-charging cables.

Daytona T2 is made of steel and designed to keep your charger cable organized and extend the cables life span. The Type 2 socket is secured in place thanks to the laser cut housing. The charging cable holder is designed by Next Green and manufactured in Sweden to suit the Nordic climate. The cable holder can be installed direct to a wall or on a pole. When used on a wall, the holder protects the wall from damage from the cable.

Daytona T2 comes powder coated with screws and plugs for wall installation.

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Daytona T2

E-Number: 24 803 56
S-No: 34 079 00
Product name: Cable holder Daytona T2

Product sheet

Assembly instructions


  • Keeps your charging cable neatly in place
  • Robust and sturdy steel construction
  • Can be mounted to both walls and steel tubes with a bracket set (option)
  • Secures cable socket in the holder mount
  • Extends the life of the charging cable
  • Angled design for water drainage of charging glove for European Type T2 connector
  • Screws and plugs for fastening to the facade are included
  • Powder coated, available in various colors. Contact Next Green for more information


Steel, powder coated


Graphite grey


Weight 1 kg
Height 197 mm
Width 244 mm
Depth 78 mm

Packaging dimensions

Weight 1,1 kg
Height 220 mm
Width 240 mm
Depth 95 mm

Bracket set

Bracket set for mounting on Ø 60 mm steel tube.
Tubes are ordered using a separate product number.

E number: 24 803 67
S-No: 34 063 04
Product name: Bracket set for mounting on Ø 60 mm steel tube.